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About us
Team and Workflow System
Facts and Figures

Our Team: Professionalism and Efficiency

Managing Director

Cristina was born in Romania. She completed her graduate and post-graduate studies in France, Germany, Romania and The United Kingdom, obtaining a University Diploma in Translations and Conference Interpreting, as well as a Master's Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. She started her professional activity in 2000 and founded Logotec Language Services in 2001, where she is currently the managing director. Due to her marketing skills, the company quadrupled its profit in less than 2 years and has successfully gained its place among the reliable language services providers worldwide. Besides her extensive experience as a sworn and technical translator, interpreter and project manager, Cristina's multilingual abilities extend to Romanian, English, French, Italian and German. She is also the author of four literary books under the pen name Soar.

Cristina represents her company as an Ambassador of Bodenseeland United Innovations (D) and is a member of the following associations: Tekom (D), Osec (CH), Alcus (USA), Business and Professional Women (AU), Business Network International (D), Society of Authors (UK), Poets&Writers Organisation (USA).


Our staff is made up of professional project managers and translation coordinators. Their extensive experience in this field is the key factor in assuring that the specific requirements of each project are met.

Our external collaborators are carefully selected professional translators, interpreters, desktop publishing (DTP) experts, and specialized proofreaders with additional studies in engineering, mechanics, informatics and IT, electronics, medicine, chemistry, law, finance, banking, public administration, and more. They have at least 5 years' experience in their fields and work only in their mother tongue to assure accurate work and high quality delivery of services.

Moreover, we have established partnerships with more than 100 worldwide professional language providers (translation agencies and interpreting centers) in order to achieve the highest degree of professionalism and efficiency while adapting to target markets and cultures.

The Translation Process

Pre-production Stage:  

  • Assignment from the client
  • Project Management
    (Project assessment and files preparation; linguistic and formal analysis; database creation)

Production Stage:

  • Translation
    (Pre-translation, translation, localization, terminological coordination, proofreading, style revision)

Quality Assurance:

  • Project management
    (Client's feedback, database and glossary maintenance, final file management)
  • DTP
    (Special formatting)

Post-production Stage:

  • Project Assessment
    (Linguistic and formal quality check, final checking and testing)
  • Final product's delivery to the Client

Pre-production stage:

Once a client assigns a project to us, it passes onto the analysis stage where the Project Manager (PM) prepares the files for elaboration, analyzes the project's linguistic and formal aspects, and creates specific glossaries and databases. He or she then assigns the work to one or more translators, depending upon the project's size and requirements. The Project Manager plays a key role in coordinating the relationship between translators, proofreaders and client.

Production Stage:

The translation process is the most complex stage and, depending upon the case, it may include several activities such as pre-translation, translation, localization, terminological coordination and proofreading by a specialized professional before the project's delivery to the PM.

There are 3 important considerations at this stage:

  • Professional translation is not simply a process of translating words into their equivalents, but an adaptation of the language in such a way that the nuance and tone of the original message is conveyed without compromise.
  • Translations of English texts to other Western European languages tend to be longer than the originals. Developing strategies for communicating the same idea while maintaining the integrity of the layout is important in cases where redesign is not feasible.
  • Special attention must be given to the potential cultural impact of color schemes, iconography and gestures within the target culture in order to avoid cultural gaffes that can limit the success of your product or result in negative perceptions of your product on the international market.

During the translation process, we make use of various professional resources:

  • CAT tools (DéjàVu; Transit and Satellite PE; Trados and SDLX Standard Edition),
  • Hard-copy or CD-ROM specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias (from famous editing houses like Oxford, Thesaurus, H. Collins, Webster's, Longman, Encarta, Hachette, Gusdorf, Le Robert, Larousse, DeAgostini, Hoepli, Garzanti, Giuffrè Editore, Zanichelli, Zingarelli, Brandstetter, Langenscheidt, Reuter-Reuter, De Gruyter, Polygraph Verlag, Ed. Grammar, Teora, Litera.ro, Polirom, Ed. Juris Argessis, Ed. Tehnica, Ed. Academiei, and so forth). Please view a list on our Useful Links page.
  • Online and internal reference materials and glossaries. Please view a list on our Useful Links page.

Quality Assurance:

Once the Project Manager receives the completed work, he or she interacts with the client to attend to the necessary final details, updates the client-oriented database and glossary (to assure terminological consistency and uniformity), and prepares the final file(s) for delivery. If the project requires special formatting, it passes through the DTP stage where it is placed into the form requested by the client.

Post-production Stage:

Finally, the cycle ends with the post-production stage. On the client's request, we offer an additional linguistic and formal check in order to assure the final product will be of maximum quality and accuracy.

Please contact us at info@logotec-ls.com for more information or details.