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Why us
  Quality Assurance
Customer Financial Benefits

We conduct our business with a deep sense of respect for our clients' time and budget limits. We focus on providing quality services delivered in an efficient timeframe for a previously agreed upon price so that our clients know from the beginning when to expect their project completion and how much it will cost.

We want to maintain pleasant and mutually beneficial business relationships with all new or long-term clients who entrust us with their business. In order to achieve this purpose, we have established some financial benefits guidelines:

  1. Discounts on repetitions: we use professional translation tools capable of counting the exact number of matches in an overall project of one or more files. Our scale of charges takes these matches into account and determines a total price with discounts on all repeated terms within the project.

  2. Volume discounts: we offer a 5% discount on projects exceeding a total of 40000 source words. The discount grows to a maximum of 10% off the total price for projects over 150000 words.

  3. Per word rate discount: this discount applies to multinational entities that assign multilingual projects to us. Depending on each project's complexity and specialized terminology, we offer up to two cents discount on the per source word rate. We also offer financial rewards for other "add-on services" our customer may require along with the assigned multilingual project.

  4. First-time customer discount: a way to welcome our first- time collaborators. Depending on the project assigned (length and difficulty level), we are pleased to offer up to a 5% discount for the first project assigned to us.

  5. Partnership discount: a way to say "thank you" for trusting our services. For those customers who have a volume of monthly work for at least six months, we offer "partnership contracts" that establish a fixed rate throughout the entire collaboration period.

Please contact us at info@logotec-ls.com for more information or details.

*All discounts are not cumulative, but offered separately, in function of the project(s) assigned and on the type of collaboration. The volume discount is to be considered for one language combination total word count and not for multilingual projects total word count.