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In the new global marketing process, companies are finding it necessary to internationalize their products in order to attract worldwide audiences. We can help you localize your product and maximize your business in the target country.

Localization is the process of adapting your software or message to a specific language, market and culture using the syntax and colloquialisms of native speakers. Unlike the written documentation, this process is very complex as web or software content is extensive, and it requires the work of more teams (project managers, translators and localization specialists). Our language localization tools are able to extract the text from your HTML or software files without affecting the codes. The translation is carried out and reinserted into the file or program. This process facilitates content management even when working with multiple languages.

Through this process, your product becomes technically adapted, linguistically precise, culturally appropriate, and easily accessible to the target markets. We localize manuals, marketing materials, branding, software interfaces, and websites for specific languages and countries.

Please contact us at info@logotec-ls.com for more information or details regarding this service.

Note: The number 10 represents the ten characters between the first and last letters of the word localization.