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Apart from the grammar, spelling and content check assured in the translation stage, one of the most important services, which assures a consistent and high level of quality in the workflow process, is the proofreading of translations. We offer this premium service to all clients who place a higher value on the quality of the final product than on its economic aspects.

This service is handled by a large network of highly experienced translators and/or specialized proofreaders with additional studies in other areas such as law, medicine, engineering, informatics, chemistry, physics, and so forth. Proofreading applies to the texts translated by our office or to already translated documents furnished by the client for the purpose of revising the language, style and technical accuracy of their product.

Finally, we also offer post-edition revisions of the ready-to-print documents, with special attention paid to the final layout and to the special characters of every target language.

Please contact us at info@logotec-ls.com for more information or details regarding this service.