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Software Localization
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Translation services are frequently correlated with a desktop publishing phase in order to achieve the layout or format specified by the customer. The DTP is handled by specialists working in close contact with translators and project managers in order to adapt text and graphics wherever necessary in order to match the requirements of individual languages.

We are experienced in text and image processing, desktop publishing, as well as in operating and managing various software in the field. Our track record is demonstrated by our wide array of completed projects, from translation to DTP processing and printing.

We can manage the following formats:

  • TXT, RTF, DOC as well as PowerPoint, Access and
    Excel documents.
  • FrameMaker, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Photoshop,
    Adobe Acrobat, Interleaf, Visio, Illustrator and other
  • HTML, SGML and XML - Markup Language file formats.

The use of applications on Windows and Macintosh platforms allows us to suggest the solution that best meets the needs of the customer and solve any problems encountered in switching from one platform to the other.

Please contact us at info@logotec-ls.com for more information or details regarding this service.