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Whether two company sales managers meet in an unofficial context or a large conference is being held by a NGO in 10 languages, the interpreter's role is crucial in conveying both the meaning of the words and the context in which those words were used. This requires a high level of expertise, knowledge of different cultures, and a great deal of experience.

Logotec Language Services provides the following interpreting services:

  • Simultaneous Interpreting

This is the service more frequently used for large conferences or meetings. The translation is carried out in an acoustically isolated booth equipped with headsets and a microphone. The interpreter translates the lecturer's speech as he speaks (hence the word "simultaneous"). As such work requires intense concentration, interpreters usually work in teams (of 2 or more) taking breaks approximately every 15 minutes.
This service covers: congresses, conferences, multilingual meetings, and so forth.

  • Consecutive Interpreting

Most appropriate for smaller groups, the consecutive translation is carried out in the physical presence of both parties. The interpreter listens to the speaker, takes notes (when the speaker pauses), and translates the speech by parts in the target language. The translation in this case is subsequent to the speech. Microphone and headsets may be used in the case of a larger audience, but they are not necessarily required.
This service covers: official or unofficial corporate meetings, workshops, vocational training courses, assistance to fairs or trades, and so forth.

  • Chouchotage

The chouchotage is a simultaneous translation "whispered" to the listener's ear without the need of additional technical equipment.
This service may cover all the cases above.

Our network of fully qualified technical and scientific interpreters cover most European languages.
Please contact us at info@logotec-ls.com for more information or details regarding this service.

Legend of expenses to consider for this service (depending on the assignment):
Briefing day: extra day requested by the client in order to inform the interpreter on the specific terminology of the congress/meeting/conference.
Jours chômés : non working days during an assignment spent by the interpreter(s) at the place of work as part of the program organized by the client.
Manque-à-gagner : indemnity paid to the interpreter(s) when he requires more than half a day for transporting to the place of work.
Complete hospitality : board and lodging expenses are at the client's charge.